Resilience Quiz

Association of Applied Sport Psychology and COVID Study, plus other trends:

- Over 60% of student-athletes have been experiencing psychological distress

- Almost 80% student-athletes did not utilize any form of mental health counseling


*This is important because we know they are experiencing distress and not utilizing mental health resources.  Therefore, we know Resilience education is important, but we need to provide it in a way that meets today's generation where they are at.  Gen-Z student-athletes have stated lack of awareness as a major cause of resistance right now.


Take the quiz to see how you compare with the trends.  We are offering a free consultation...



  1. Identify your specific resistance points to developing new habits

  2. How you compare to trends of other people 

  3. Understand how you need to start your resilience journey.


Welcome to the Resilience Quiz.  This quiz is not used for any diagnosis or treatment of mental health.  This intended to provide you basic insights into how you view the conditions that promote positive change as it relates to your goal.  There are seven of these change factors, which are listed below.  After you complete the quiz, you will get your results sent to your email and we will coordinate a time to review them together.


·       Sense of Necessity


·       Willingness to Experience Anxiety/Difficulty


·       Awareness


·       Confronting the Problem


·       Effort and Will


·       Hope


·       Support 

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The questions are scored on a 0-4 Likert Scale with 0 = Definitely Not and 4 = Definitely Yes.  After you complete the quiz, your results will be generated and sent to you.  All results are stored securely specific scores will be sent to you directly.