5 Steps to Handle Any Unforeseen Challenge

1. Do a damage report. Determine how significant the unexpected challenge truly is by analyzing its place in your current state as well as its degree of impact.

2. Control your emotional response. No matter what the results of your damage report were, you’ll need to control your emotional response. If you want to come up with an effective, logical solution to the new challenge, you’ll need to remain in a steady in a neutral state.

3. Focus on the long-term goals. Remember all your long-term goals, and ditch the short-term thinking. This will help you effectively prioritize your needs to address the given situation and help you objectively distance yourself from the problem.

4. Clearly communicate the challenge. Once you have a clear grasp of the situation, start communicating it to the people around you. The calmer, more informed and more objective you are, the better people will be at helping you find a solution.

5. Collaborate or settle on a solution. This is the most important step, but it’s only effective if you’ve followed all the steps above. Come up with two or three different courses of action, then select the one that offers the most advantages. #ultier #challenges #mindset #life

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