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About Dr. Jess Woods, PHD, PMP, CMPC, NCC, LAC


She is a TED speaker and Global Business Transformational Coach who conducts lectures and workshops around the world. Sharing her fresh performance strategies, she helps individuals accelerate skill acquisition and optimize potential. Her clients include State Legislators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Military, Athletic Departments and Corporations.

Dr. Woods' passion for first responders and the military was ignited at after several years as a Lead Performance Expert and Master Resilience Trainer for the United States Military and Special Operations. Her ambition to provided quality programs, opened the door for several other military units to have access to resources to enhance their performance. She immediately became a consistent top performer in her field.

Her joy in giving back, combined with an innate ability to teach, led her to present countless training programs to customers, create a myriad of performance aids, develop content, coach dozens of trainees and launch new training concepts, in addition to her cognitive performance job! This was the motivation for starting her own business.

Personal Insights and Accomplishments

Personal Insight. Dr. Woods and her husband Andrew resided in Austin, TX with their two amazing kids. I

Accomplishments. Jessica has been recognized for many achievements. Most recently, was awarded a Conference Travel Award by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Presented numerous times at the annual AASP conference for her work with the military: A 10-Month Pilot Program to Decrease Failure Rates among Military Intelligence Students and the Sapper-Athlete-Warrior Program.

She is published in the Journal of Sport Psychology In Action which was featured as the most downloaded article published in Routledge Behavioral Sciences journals.

In 2017, she presented cognitive fatigue and attention shifting to State Legislators and staffers at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

She is a Licensed Associate Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor, HeartMath® Certified Coach and Trainer, and a Certified Mental Performance Coach. She has obtained additional training in neurofeedback and biofeedback. In addition, she has trained under Dr. Robert Cialdini on the Principles of Persuasion and is a Master Level Resilience Trainer I, II, III & IV.

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